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Phil Hartman

Born: September 24, 1948, Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Died: May 28, 1998, Encino, California, United States

Age: 49

Cause of death: Gunshot wounds to the head.

Notable because: His wife, drunk and stoned on coke, shot him while he slept, with their two children in the house. She killed herself later that night. You may remember him from Simpson's voices such as Troy McClure and Lionel Hutz.


Phil Hartman was a Canadian-born American actor, voice actor, comedian, writer and graphic artist. Born in Brantford, Ontario, Hartman and his family later emigrated to the United States. He attended California State University, graduating with a degree in graphic arts and going on to design several album covers. He joined The Groundlings in 1975 and there helped Paul Reubens to develop his character Pee-wee Herman.

He first came to widespread attention in 1986 when he joined the sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. There he became famous for his impressions, notably then-president Bill Clinton. After scrapping plans for his own variety show, he starred as Bill McNeal on the sitcom NewsRadio. He also had frequent roles on The Simpsons, and parts in films such as Houseguest, Sgt. Bilko and Small Soldiers. He was shot dead by his wife Brynn while he slept in his Encino, California home in 1998.




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You Might Remember Me: The Life and Times of Phil Hartman

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Editorial Review:

Beloved TV comedic actor Phil Hartman is best known for his eight brilliant seasons on Saturday Night Live, where his versatility and comedic timing resulted in some of the funniest and most famous sketches in the television show's history. Besides his hilarious impersonations of Phil Donahue, Frank Sinatra and Bill Clinton, Hartman's other indelible characters included Cirroc the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer, Eugene the Anal Retentive Chef and, of course, Frankenstein. He also starred as pompous radio broadcaster Bill McNeal in the NBC sitcom NewsRadio and voiced numerous classic roles ― most memorably washed-up actor and commercial pitchman Troy McClure ― on Fox's long-running animated hit The Simpsons.

But Hartman's seemingly charmed life was cut tragically short when he was fatally shot by his troubled third wife, Brynn, who turned a gun on herself several hours later. The shocking and headline-generating turn of events stunned those closest to the couple as well as countless fans who knew Phil only from afar.
Now, for the first time ever, the years and moments leading up to his untimely end are described in illuminating detail through information gleaned from exclusive interviews with scores of famous cast mates, close friends and family members as well as private letters, audio/video recordings, extensive police records, and more.

Both joyous tribute and serious biography, Mike Thomas' You Might Remember Me is a celebration of Phil Hartman's multi-faceted career and an exhaustively reported, warts-and-all examination of his often intriguing and sometimes complicated life―a powerful, humor-filled and disquieting portrait of a man who was loved by many, admired by millions and taken from them far too early.



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Editorial Review: A sunset cruise through a place where ordinary inhumanities are entertainment—with GPS coordinates, photos and more!

Los Angeles is where America’s dreams and nightmares got all tangled up. In this otherworldly place of seemingly everlasting life, death could have an otherworldly quality, too. In a city where anything was possible, even the ghastly could happen. Where else does a list of a city’s top five most recognized citizens include a mass murderer? Stand in the footsteps of Manson, the Hillside Strangler, the Night Stalker, the Black Dahlia’s killer, and the Onion Field slayers. Visit crime scenes where Hollywood’s weird history took fatal turns for O.J. Simpson, John Belushi, Ramon Novarro, Phil Hartman, Dorothy Stratten, Sal Mineo, and so many others.

“Meticulously researched guide book into the baddest of the bad in LaLa Land."STEVE HODEL, New York Times bestselling author of “Black Dahlia Avenger”

OUTLAW LOS ANGELES continues the series that critics, true-crime fans, historians, and travelers have hailed as “thorough and unflinching” and “the best damn crime travel series ever published!” Dozens of fascinating stories in OUTLAW LOS ANGELES are told in the same fast-paced, enthralling voice that’s made Ron Franscell one of America’s most beloved crime writers … and the Crime Buff’s Guides a three-time winner of’s Book of the Year!

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The Three Little Pigs

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