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Monday, 19 January 2009 15:58

Salem bin Mohammed bin 'Awad bin Laden 

Born: 1946

Died: May 29, 1988

Age: 42

Cause of death: Freak plane accident

Notable because: Patriarch of the Bin Laden fortune, half brother of Osama, Salem died in a freak accident that many believe was an assassination.


Salem  bin Laden  was a Saudi Arabian investor.

One of the eldest of the bin Laden brothers (a half-brother and cousin of Osama bin Laden), he acted as the patriarch of the bin Laden family after the 1967 death of his father Mohammed bin Laden. Salem managed the family's extensive investment portfolio (thought to be valued at around $16 billion).

Salem bin Laden was, through James R. Bath, an investor in Arbusto Energy, a small 1970s oil company run by Bath's close friend, George W. Bush.

bush saudi kissPolitical connections and Salem's unusual death in an ultralight aircraft accident outside San Antonio, Texas, have been cited in various conspiracy theories.

A 2001 news article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Salem bin Laden died when he accidentally drifted into high voltage electrical power lines adjacent to the Kitty Hawk Field of Dreams Ultra-Lite Flying Field at the edge of Schertz, a northeastern San Antonio suburb. The Sprint ultra-light aircraft he was flying fell 115 feet to the ground after the wire strike. Salem, who was not wearing a safety helmet at the time, died of head injuries from the fall. The NTSB did not conduct an accident investigation since the equipment was an ultra-light aircraft, which was not covered by the NTSB's mandate. The Schertz Police, who did attend to the accident site, stated in its report that Salem died in a freak accident.


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