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Charles Voyde Harrelson

Born: July 23, 1938 Huntsville, Texas, U.S.

Died: March 15, 2007,Florence ADMAX USP, Fremont County, Colorado, USA

Age: 68

Cause of death: Natural causes in Prison

Notable because: Father of Woody Harrelson. Contract killer who executed a Federal Judge.

Charles Voyde Harrelson was an American organized crime figure who was convicted of assassinating a federal judge. He was the estranged father of actor Woody Harrelson.

Harrelson was sentenced to two life terms for the May 29, 1979, assassination of U.S. District Judge John H. Wood, Jr. Harrelson was convicted of killing Wood in the parking lot outside Wood's San Antonio, Texas, townhouse after being hired by drug dealer Jamiel Chagra of El Paso. Wood — nicknamed "Maximum John" because of his reputation for handing down long sentences for drug offenses — was originally scheduled to have Chagra appear before him on the day of his murder, but the trial had been delayed.

Harrelson was apprehended with the aid of an anonymous tip and a tape recording of a conversation that occurred during a visit from Joe Chagra to his brother Jamiel Chagra in prison. Harrelson claimed at trial that he did not kill Judge Wood, but merely took credit for it so he could claim a large payment from Chagra.

Harrelson was eventually convicted based largely on Chagra's conversation with his brother from prison. Both Harrelson and Joe Chagra were implicated in the assassination. Harrelson was sentenced to life imprisonment, while Chagra received a ten-year sentence. Jamiel Chagra was acquitted of the murder when his brother Joe refused to testify against him. Chagra was represented by current mayor of Las Vegas, Oscar Goodman. In a plea bargain, Jamiel Chagra admitted to his role in the murder of Judge Wood and to the attempted murder of a U.S. Attorney.

Prior to the Wood murder, Harrelson was tried for the 1968 murder-for-hire killing of Hearne, Texas father of four and grain dealer Sam Degelia, Jr. in McAllen, Texas. Pete Charles Harrelson, father of actor Woody Harrelson, arrives at the federal courthouse in San Antonio in this Dec. 12, 1982, file photo.Scamardo was also tried in the case and found guilty of being an accomplice to the murder. Harrelson's trial ended in a mistrial and Scamardo was sentenced to seven years probation.

In 1973, Harrelson was tried again, this time he was found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was granted parole in 1976 and was released from prison in September 1978.

Harrelson's notoriety was especially attributable to the fame of his eldest child, Woody Harrelson, who became a well-known television and film actor. According to Woody Harrelson, Charles disappeared from the family's home in Houston in 1968, leaving his wife to raise Woody and his two brothers. Woody lost track of his father until 1981, when news broke of Charles' arrest for the murder of Judge Wood. In an interview, Woody Harrelson revealed that he visited his father regularly in federal prison, though he still harbored mixed feelings for him, saying "my father is one of the most articulate, well-read, charming people I've ever known. Still, I'm just now gauging whether he merits my loyalty or friendship. I look at him as someone who could be a friend more than someone who was a father."

Conspiracy theorists have labeled him as one of the "Three Tramps" hiding in a box car on the railroad tracks behind Dealey Plaza just after the shooting. Harrelson at various times before his death both denied and boasted about his role as one of the tramps.

USP Florence ADMAX, where Harrelson was imprisoned
After attempting to escape from the Atlanta federal penitentiary in 1996, Harrelson was transferred to Supermax prison ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado. In a letter to a friend, Harrelson wrote that he enjoyed his life inside the maximum security facility, writing that "there are not enough hours in a day for my needs as a matter of fact... The silence is wonderful." He was found unresponsive in his cell on March 15, 2007, having apparently died of natural causes. Woody Harrelson had attempted to have his father's conviction overturned in order to secure a new trial, without success. His Federal Bureau of Prisons Register number was 02582-016.


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