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Kenneth Allen McDuff

Born: March 21, 1946 Rosebud, Texas

Died: November 17, 1998, Huntsville, Texas

Age: 52

Cause of death: Lethal injection.

Notable because: Only man to be paroled from death row and go on to kill again and be returned. The chef who prepared death row last meals in Texas said 'He wanted two T-bone steaks but he got a hamburger steak.'


Kenneth Allen McDuff was an American serial killer suspected of at least 14 murders. He had previously been on death row from 1968 to 1972.

McDuff was first convicted for raping and murdering three teenagers on August 6, 1966 ā€” Robert Brand, Mark Dunman, and Edna Louis Sullivan ā€” a crime that became popularly known as the Broomstick Murders. His partner, 17-year-old Roy Dale Green, was sentenced to four months house arrest and five years probation. Although McDuff was sentenced to death, the sentence was overturned when the U.S. Supreme Court abolished capital punishment in 1972. He served life with the possibility of parole.

Due to extremely crowded Texas prisons, McDuff was paroled in 1989. After being released, he got a job at a gas station making $4 an hour and took a class, at Texas State Technical College in Waco. One year after he left his job at a gas station and dropped out of TSTC, he began killing again.Upon release McDuff was arrested on a series of parole violations, but he was never locked up for any substantial length of time until he was arrested for the murder of a 22-year-old Texan woman, Melissa Ann Northrup, in 1992. He was implicated in at least three other murders, including the abduction and murder of Colleen Reed from an Austin carwash in December 1991.

As a wanted fugitive, he fled to Kansas City, but was eventually captured due to a tip from a profile on the television show America's Most Wanted. McDuff was eventually sent to death row and executed on November 17, 1998 at Huntsville Unit. According to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice death row section McDuff's final words were: "Iā€™m ready to be released. Release me". McDuff's body was never claimed by his family. He is buried in the cemetery of the prison where he was executed. His grave marker is adorned only with his death row number: X999055.

After McDuff's second arrest for murder in 1992, Texas launched a massive overhaul of its prison system to prevent violent criminals from winning early parole. The tightened parole rules, extensive prison building projects and improved monitoring of violent parolees are collectively known in Texas as the McDuff Laws.


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