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Ian Russell Wallace

Born: 29 September 1946 Bury, Lancashire, England UK

Died: 22 February 2007, Los Angeles, U.S.

Age: 60

Cause of death: Oesophageal cancer.

Notable because: Drummer with King Crimson. Played with Bob Dylan, Ry Cooder, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Eric Clapton, Crosby Stilla and Nash and Jackson Brown. Was married to Jenny Boyd, (Sister of Patti Boyd, whose affair with Donovan gave rise to Jennifer Juniper, and was previously married to Mick Fleetwood.)

Ian Wallace was a rock and jazz drummer, most visible as a member of progressive rock band, King Crimson from 1971 to 1972; but known best in the musical community with his contributions as a session musician on his drum kit.

Wallace formed his first band, The Jaguars, at school, before going on to join The Warriors with Jon Anderson in his pre-Yes days. (Wallace later played with Yes once in November 1968 during Bill Bruford's hiatus from the band).

From The Warriors, Wallace went on to join Big Sound. In the 1960s, Big Sound worked in Denmark, Norway and Sweden as a backing band to Danish rock musician Nalle. The Big Sound and The Warriors had been mates, and had gigged together in the Storyville Club, Frankfurt, Cologne and Copenhagen. The Big Sound's drummer and bass player left, and Ian & The Warriors bass player Dave Foster joined the band. When the Big Sound split at the back end of 1967 during a tour of Norway, some members including Wallace, moved to London to back other artists including Sandie Shaw, David Garrick, Marv Johnson and Lou Christie.

Wallace later joined Vivian Stanshall's, Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, and then The World with Neil Innes before King Crimson. He appeared on the album, Islands in 1971, and on the live album, Earthbound in 1972, as well as a number of later archival releases. In May 1972, at the end of a U.S. tour, he and fellow Crimson members Mel Collins and Boz Burrell left the band and went to work for Alexis Korner's Snape.

Wallace subsequently worked with Peter Frampton in 1975. He was invited to join Bob Dylan's band in 1978 and accompanied Dylan during his tour of Japan. Wallace's heavy drum style was the driving force behind the pop-heavy album Street-Legal. Musician Rob Stoner later derisively said "The man had a beat like a cop."

Other notable work includes Ry Cooder in 1979 and Don Henley in the 1980s and 1990s. Wallace's studio and live credits also include El Rayo-X with David Lindley, Bonnie Raitt, Joe Walsh, Bob Dylan, Johnny Hallyday, Keith Emerson, Roy Orbison, Jackson Browne, the Traveling Wilburys, Eric Clapton, Jon Anderson, Alvin Lee, Crosby, Stills and Nash, the Quireboys, Brian Eno, Larry Coryell, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Steve Marriott, Badger, Al Kooper, Tim Buckley, Lonnie Mack, Procol Harum (1993 tour), and Warren Zevon.http://alanwalkerart.com/wp/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/ian_wallace_old.jpg

For a short time, Wallace formed The Teabags in Los Angeles with Peter Banks (formerly of Yes), Jackie Lomax (formerly of Badger), David Mansfield, Kim Gardner (also formerly of Badger) and Graham Bell.

In 2003, he joined the 21st Century Schizoid Band, again replacing former King Crimson drummer Michael Giles, and released his only solo album, Happiness With Minimal Side Effects. In 2005 he formed the Crimson Jazz Trio with Tim Landers on bass and Jody Nardone on piano, which released King Crimson Songbook Volume One in November 2005 and King Crimson Songbook Volume Two in early 2009.

On 10 August 2006, Wallace was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. He chronicled his illness in his online blog in the hope his story would encourage others with similar symptoms to pursue treatment. He died, aged 60, with his wife, Marjorie Pomeroy, at his side



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  • 1972: Billy Burnette – Billy Burnette
  • 1973: Alexis Korner & Snape – Accidentally Born in New Orleans
  • 1973: Jackson Heights – Bump & Grind
  • 1973: Alvin Lee & Mylon LeFevre – Road to Freedom
  • 1973: Esther Phillips – Black-Eyed Blues
  • 1974: Alexis Korner – Alexis Korner
  • 1974: Big Jim Sullivan – Big Jims Back
  • 1974: Alvin Lee – In Flight
  • 1974: Alexis Korner – Mr. Blues
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  • 1975: Steve Marriott – Marriott
  • 1975: Alvin Lee – Pump Iron!
  • 1978: Bob Dylan – Street-Legal
  • 1979: Bob Dylan – Bob Dylan At Budokan
  • 1981: Ronnie Wood – 1234
  • 1981: David Lindley – El Rayo-X
  • 1982: Don Henley – I Can't Stand Still
  • 1982: David Lindley & El Rayo-X – Win This Record
  • 1983: Jon Anderson – Animation
  • 1983: Stevie Nicks – Wild Heart
  • 1984: Don Henley – Building the Perfect Beast
  • 1986: Graham Nash – Innocent Eyes
  • 1986: Jackson Browne – Lives in the Balance
  • 1986: Bonnie Raitt – Nine Lives
  • 1988: Traveling Wilburys – Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1
  • 1989: Roy Orbison – Mystery Girl
  • 1990: London QuireboysLittle Bit of What You Fancy
  • 1995: Alvin Lee & Ten Years After – Pure Blues
  • 1995: Joe Walsh – Robocop: The Series Soundtrack
  • 1996: Johnny Hallyday – Destination Vegas
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  • 2000: Billy Burnette – Are You With Me Baby
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  • 2002: King Crimson – Ladies of the Road
  • 2003: The Warriors – Bolton Club '65
  • 2003: Ian Wallace – Happiness With Minimal Side Effects
  • 2003: King Crimson – Live in Orlando, 1972
  • 2003: Bob Dylan – Street-Legal [Remastered]
  • 2005: Fission Trip – Fission Trip, Volume One
  • 2005: Adrian Belew – Side One
  • 2005: Crimson Jazz Trio – King Crimson Songbook, Volume One
  • 2006: 21st Century Schizoid Band – Pictures of a City: Live in New York
  • 2007: Traveling Wilburys – Traveling Wilburys
  • 2007: Steve Marriott's All Stars – Wam Bam
  • 2009: Crimson Jazz Trio – King Crimson Songbook, Volume Two

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