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Jim Hodder

Born: December 17, 1947, Boston.

Died: June 5, 1990

Age: 42

Cause of death: Drowning in swimming pool

Notable because: Original drummer of Steely Dan appearing on many of the hits.

Jim Hodder was an American drummer, best known as the original drummer for Steely Dan.

He was born in Boston in 1947. He joined Steely Dan in 1972, but left in 1974. While part of Steely Dan, he worked on the Can't Buy a Thrill and Countdown to Ecstasy albums as well as part of Pretzel Logic. In 1972 he sang the lead vocal on the song "Midnight Cruiser" and the vocal on the song "Dallas" which appeared only on a 7" record and was reissued on a 12" EP titled Plus Fours from 1978 (both releases are unavailable on CD.)

Hodder continued working as a session musician for musicians such as Sammy Hagar and David Soul. In 1990, he drowned in his swimming pool at age 42.http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/uYCIjrxQ94M/default.jpg


When Steely Dan arrived on the scene in 1972, "progressive rock" was in vogue, with bands like Yes, ELP, and Genesis catching the fancy of many listeners. Steely surprised the rock audience because not only did they write radio-ready hits, but they had intelligent lyrics and used quasi-jazz forms (complex changes, harmonies, and structures) and jazz musicians Victor Feldman and Snooky Young--and even then they had band members who could handle all the idiomatic changes Becker and Fagen delighted in. Check out Baxter and Dias's blistering solos on "Do It Again" or Fagen's neo-ragtime on "Fire In The Hole."

Jim Hodder, "percussionist, bronze god, pulse of the rhythm section," was the original drummer for Steely. Burly, with large hands, Hodder brought a syncopated, pert style to the music. He exemplified "tasty," a common term then used among musicians to describe one who was creative but not overly flashy. His drumming seemed part BJ Wilson from Procol Harum, part Bobby Colomby from Blood, Sweat & Tears, and part Ringo. He wed lots of straight 8th notes on the hi-hat with snappy tom fills. An attention to detail is apparent from his articulate press rolls on "Dirty Work" to the rags-style bossa groove he played on "Do It Again."

"Bodhisaitva," the first song on Countdown to Ecstasy, kicks off with snare drum/hi-hat blasts from Hodder. Along with the rest of the band, Hodder's playing reflects a new looseness and confidence. Instead of striking a closed hi-hat with the tip, more of a swinging bash is employed, using the shank. He's more aggressive, playing Richie Hayward-ish fusion on the sci-fi "King of The World".

Like Idris Muhammad or Herbie Lovelle from the l960s Prestige-era jazz recordings, Hodder maintained a snakey, slinky touch. He's still playing rock, but with a jazzer's approach. His drums are tuned a bit lower; and the cymbals seem to ring more, matching the Indian flare of "Your Gold Teeth" or the country twang of "Pearl Of The Quarter." However, this was it for Hodder as far as Steely Dan was concerned. Though a strong drummer and timekeeper, he lacked the definitive personality that might have kept him on Becker and Fagen's first-call list.

Nonetheless, Countdown is the album that set the course for Steely Dan. They continued to refine and redefine their music with each successive album, becoming more exacting and demanding with the performances and the overall sound, while writing more stunning compositions.


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