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Tina RussellTina Russell

Born: September 23, 1948, Williamsport, Lycoming County, Pennsylvania, USA

Died: May 18, 1981, Vista, San Diego County, California, USA

Age: 32

Cause of death: Renal failure from alcoholism

Notable because: Pioneering porn star - one of the first film actresses in porn who is considered one of the most influential.

Tina Russell was the stage name of a pioneering adult film actress active in New York between about 1970 and 1975. She also performed in some of the earliest "live sex shows" to appear in New York in the early-1970s (they actually featured simulated sex). Russell was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

She grew up in the small community of Williamsport and graduated from the local high school there in 1966. While in high school, she was active in the class committee, the play committee, student newspaper, library assistant, swim club, bowling, chorus, Hi-Tri, and Future Nurses. When she graduated from high school, her intention was to attend nursing school, but that summer, she went to stay with a girlfriend in Greenwich Village, New York City, and ended up staying and working in a leather craft shop for a year. The next summer, she returned to Williamsport, and attended the local Lycoming College in 1967-68, majoring in Psychology.

In the late-1960s, she married photographer John Sanderson, later called Jason Russell, and the couple moved to New York City, where RTina Russellussell enrolled in New York University. Under the pseudonyms Jason and Tina Russell, the couple began their film careers appearing in "loops"--very short, plotless pornographic films which were shown in peepshows in New York's Times Square. They appeared in a number of "marriage manual" films during the early 1970s and Tina Russell was a featured actress in some of the earliest hardcore pornographic feature films to be produced in New York.

Sometime in the mid-1970s, the Russells' relationship ended. Tina Russell became depressed and alcoholic. She was visiting her brother in San Diego in May 1981 when she collapsed and was hospitalized. She died several days later of renal failure. Russell is buried in Resurrection Cemetery, Montoursville, Pennsylvania, under her birth name.

In 1985, Russell was posthumously inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame.


She used the film aliases - Lina Russell, Dianna Baker, Tina Russel, Diana Baker, Linda Sanduson, Linda Sanderson Whatever-happened-to-miss-september-dvd-tina-russell-c9299

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