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Teri Diver

Born: September 6, 1971

Died: January 2, 2001

Age: 29

Cause of death: Cardiac arrest

Notable because Starred in over 200 adult movies following her psychology major in behavioral sciences.


Diver was one of the most prolific pornstars of the 1990s, appearing in over 200 movies. She was popular throughout her hardcore career, and one of the most recognizable women in porn through sheer hard work and persistence. Well known for her curvaceous body and thick red pubic hair she later had cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her breasts.

Although she always preferred not to discuss details of her early life, it is known that Diver became an 'emancipated youth' at the age of 13. She graduated from high school ahead of her class and entered college at a young age. There, she claimed to have majored in "behavior modification." Teri was a vegetarian.

After turning 18, Diver paid her way through school by stripping on the side. Upon graduation, Teri Diver married Tom Elliott, who she met while he was playing drums in a bar band.

Diver worked as a school teacher, and supplemented this income by holding down a part-time job at weight-loss clinic Nutri-System. Eventually Diver and Elliot moved to California, where they faced a variety of financial problems. Somehow, the school teacher and musician found their way onto the set of Taboo IV, where they met director Henri Pachard, who convinced Diver to try her hand at porn.

Diver broke into the business in 1991, heating up a series of scorching sex scenes. Among her early flicks are Bikini City, in which she has sex with Elliott. In one steamy scene with Elliot she deep throats him, then joins Peter North and Brandy Alexandre for a threesome. One of Diver's most memorable scenes can be found in the second Seymore Butts feature, Seymore Butts Rides Again, where she takes part in a threeway with Melanie Moore and Ted Wilson in the opening of the movie.

Diver and Elliott soon moved into directing and producing their own flicks, with the help of AVN publisher Paul Fishbein. They worked well as a team, with Diver writing, directing and performing, while Elliot produced, wrote and did all the music. Together, they made a string of features, forty of which were directed by Diver.

Diver was a migraine headache sufferer for years, which led to her death on January 2, 2001. She apparently took an overdose of her migraine medication, which caused her to go into cardiac arrest. Diver left behind a plethora of adult films behind as her legacy, but she was always most proud of the work she did behind the camera.

She was survived by her spouse, porn actor Ren Savant, and one child.

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