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Tuesday, 27 May 2008 00:00

Throughout human evolution we have contrived many ways of interpreting, understanding, commemorating and learning from death.

Marking the event with a ritual forms an important part in helping process the grieving experience and adjust our thinking to face a future without the presence of the departed. We have many different and contradictory ways of believing what happens after death, but perhaps the most helpful way in which we live on after death is by the story we leave behind.

Some are great and some are not, but all the stories selected for CELEBRITYMEMORIALS.COM are interesting.

Barry Williams, Debi Mazar, Greg Grunberg, Sammy Hagar

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The Big Celebrity Quiz

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London Churches & Olde Celebrities Volume I: The City: A compleat guide and perambulation

Author: John Blythe Smart
Manufacturer: Blythe Smart Publications

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Editorial Review: "The book has been re-entered in April 2016 with some amendments to the text, new captions for the pictures, and an appendix on current parishes. These revisions have upgraded it to fit in with Volumes II to V covering the remainder of London and the Suburbs, and Vol II North and East (Victorian) is now available to purchase."

The original concept developed from an interest in London City churches, many by Wren, and all of the surviving edifices were visited - as well as the sites of those now departed. In fact 'old' London had over 100 parishes in total and might be compared to Rome for its architectural grandeur and extent of buildings. Further research was then undertaken in the Parish Registers to uncover famous links, and the book was published with a second volume on Victorian Environs in 2012 (now Vol II and III), and sold well in Waterstones, Foyles and St. Paul's. However, a London Museum complained that it had old-fashioned words like "Olde," which was strange, since if a book on history did not contain anything "old" there was something wrong! In addition extensive work was done on the famous connections beyond Stanford's Map of 1862, and volumes IV and V covering North and South London Suburbs are to follow. Together, these will provide the most complete record of London parishes since Stow and Strype, and the format of kindle, tablet or laptop means the particulars can be looked at in situ, without an awkward or heavy volume. The e-book will provide all the information required unlike others which concentrate on churches alone, and has church histories, architecture, famous people, and other buildings (including livery halls). With its aid it is possible to visit the Wren edifices, mediaeval sites, romantic towers, and hidden gems alI in close proximity concealed down the alleyways and winding lanes. The book has a clear geographical format, illustrative pictures, Appendix, and Renaissance comparison, whilst the subject is full of fascination and the reader will not be disappointed as they are guided forward to discover these "hidden secrets" of the London City Churches and their many celebrities.

The author has also written The Wizards of Wight and The Four Idols of Destiny plus non-fiction: The Founders of Soccer, Arthur Pember's Great Adventures, The Real Colin Blythe and London Churches & Olde Celebrities Vol. II Environs (sold at Foyles, Waterstones, F.A. and St. Paul's)

The churches of London remain unique in Europe due to their sheer number and diversity of design. At one time there were no less than 116 parish churches in the square mile - not forgetting St. Paul's Cathedral and several large religious houses such as the Blackfriars, Whitefriars and Holy Trinity, Aldgate. In fact, the alleyways of the metropolis integrated with these edifices to produce a thriving centre for artisans, livery companies, political aspiration and creative endeavour. Within this sphere were artists, scientists, actors and writers to name but a few. Entries in the parish registers reveal these historic celebrities who are linked to every aspect of British history over many centuries. Today some 40 City Churches still survive and with other hidden gems are revealed from behind the modern street facade. (Back Cover)


Legends Never Die Nebraska Cornhuskers Memorial Stadium Framed Photo Collage, 11 by 14-Inch

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Editorial Review: This beautifully matted collector's photo presentation is an 11" x 14" collage. It contains an 8" x 10" photo offset with an additional 3" x 5" photo, coupled with a bio. All photos and bio are bevel-cut and double matted under glass. These quality collectors pieces are designed for visual appeal. This piece comes framed in a beautifully sculpted black lacquered frame. A unique collectible for any fan and they make a great gift as well.


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Editorial Review: Sterling Silver Rose 3 Row Micropave Huggies


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